Chemineé Precision Chimney

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Sous construction

re pointing brickwork
mortar mixing lay bricks


If you need your chimney or wall rebuilt we have the expertise you need. We remove bowls and rebuild chimneys using the best brick match we can find, or we can recycle your bricks! We use brick ties to hold the brickwork in place so that the problem will not reocur. We take the utmost care to protect your roof, and garden areas.

Concrete Crown

The first line of defence agains water damage is a chimney's crown. We make a custom wooden form and pour the crown in place. Our crowns are built with a drip edge, to shed water away from the brickwork. This keeps your chimney in good shape for many years to come.


Beautify your foundation! We remove all loose parging and apply parging with a concrete weld to ensure longevity. A new layer of parging gives your foundation a protective coat and makes it look really nice too.

Demolition chimney

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